In addition to distributing live jellyfish and jellyfish related products across Canada, we also provide on-site or remote services relating to jellyfish aquariums. Our aquarium service division is accredited with the Better Business Bureau (A+ Rating) and is insured.

The services we can provide include, but are not limited to…

  • On-site Jellyfish Aquarium Set-up
  • Ongoing Jellyfish Aquarium Cleaning & Maintenance Services
  • Jellyfish Aquarium Rentals
  • Custom Jellyfish Aquarium Design, Fabrication and Installation
  • Jellyfish Aquarium Consulting


On-site Jellyfish Aquarium Set-up and Maintenance

Buying an off-the-shelf jellyfish aquarium (from us or anyone else)? Just don’t want to deal with setting it up? Unsure of how to get it all together and running? Located in the Greater Toronto Area?
We can help!
Take the guesswork out of getting started with your new jellyfish aquarium… We’ll come to your location (in the GTA), set your aquarium up, get it running and stock it (with fully ‘cycled’ filter media and jellyfish) all on the same day!
We can also give you a Jellyfish-Keeping-101 class before we leave you with your new pet jellyfish.

Can include:

  • Delivery of your new jellyfish aquarium, supplies and pet jellyfish… Included at no extra charge.
  • Assembly, set-up, filling and stocking of your new jellyfish aquarium.
  • Fully cycled filter media.
    • This will save you weeks of waiting for your new aquarium to become fully ‘cycled’(nitrogen cycle). (advanced notice required)
  • Established, premixed saltwater
    • By filling your aquarium with water directly from our jellyfish holding systems, there’s no need for acclimatization of your new jellyfish! No risk to them. (advanced notice required).
  • Jellyfish Keeping class
    • We can go over the basics of jellyfish husbandry with you. Jellyfish health & feeding, aquarium maintenance, troubleshooting and so on.
  • Water Chemistry and Testing tutorial
    • As jellyfish’s bodies are comprised of more than 95% water, the quality and make-up of the water in their aquarium is VERY important! We can go over the basics of water chemistry with you as well as show you exactly how use the test kit you’ve purchased and interpret the results.
  • BrineShrimp Hatching Tutorial
    • The importance of feeding live, newly hatched brine shrimp (even as an occasional suplement) can’t be overstated! And, hatching the eggs is a much simpler task than people think it is. We can show you the most common ways of hatching brine shrimp eggs, separating the eggs from the hatched shrimp and feeding them to your jellyfish.


Ongoing Jellyfish Aquarium Cleaning & Maintenance Services

Like the idea of having a jellyfish aquarium but not sure about keeping up with the maintenance tasks? Want to provide the best, most thorough routine maintenance for your jellyfish in their aquarium? Want jellyfish but just don’t want to get wet?
Let us do it!
Our main business is actually maintaining and managing aquarium systems of all sizes and types (everything from guppies to sharks) throughout the Greater Toronto Area (GTA)! We can set-up an ongoing maintenance regime to keep your jellyfish healthy & happy as well as keeping your aquarium looking great. We can deliver livestock, all supplies and RODI purified premixed saltwater as part of the service.
Don’t live in the Greater Toronto Area? No problem, we are affiliated with a number of aquarium maintenance companies in different locations across Canada.
Contact us for more information about servicing your jellyfish aquarium.


Jellyfish Aquarium Rentals

What to attract some attention at your tradeshow booth with a dynamic, mesmerizing, living showpiece? Shooting a movie and need an aquarium installed and stocked on set (‘Shape of Water’ was our most recent)? Hosting a wedding, banquet, party or other event and want a great conversation piece? Interested in a jellyfish aquarium but not quite sure if it’s for you? Run a business and don’t want the initial cash outlay and want the (lease) tax deductions?
How about renting or leasing a jellyfish aquarium. We offer short term and long term jellyfish aquarium rentals and leasing! Delivery, set-up, supplies and maintenance service is part of all rental programs
Contact us for more info!.


Custom Jellyfish Aquarium Design, Fabrication and Installation

Want a large jellyfish display like the ones at the public aquariums? Want a small jellyfish aquarium that is just different than the mass produced jellyfish aquarium currently on the market?
We can do it!
We work with a number of select custom aquarium fabricators and aquarium installation & service companies. No matter how big or small your jellyfish aquarium visions are, we can turn them into reality!
We are based in Toronto, Canada and are able to travel and set-up projects anywhere in Canada or further afield. We can also work (remotely) with your local architects, interior designers and aquarium installation companies to you to help with the coordination of your project.
Please contact us for a consultation.


Jellyfish Aquarium Consulting

Need some info about a jellyfish aquarium project you have in mind? Do you have a favorite, local aquarium service company that you want to use to set-up and maintain your jellyfish aquarium, but they need a crash course in jellyfish husbandry?
If it’s jellyfish related and you need some assistance with it, we can most likely help! Contact us to find out more.