Bowl Feeding

If you have a small jellyfish aquarium or just a few jellyfish, bowl feeding is a viable and recommended feeding method. It is a little bit more work but pays big dividends in less aquarium maintenance, better water quality and healthier jellyfish. We do this on any of our holding tanks that have less than about a dozen jellies.

This method is the most efficient method of feeding jellyfish (like the moon jellyfish) and results in less pollution of the aquarium and better fed jellies. Using a ladle, carefully transfer your jellyfish from the aquarium to a bowl filled with water from the aquarium. Add the food to the bowl. The pulsing motion of the jellyfish should keep the food suspended enough that they will be able to pick it up and eat it. If not, you can very, very gently stir the water in the bowl to get the food is up where the jellies can get at it. In about 15-20 minutes, you should be able to see the food in their stomachs. Once their stomachs are full and there is little or no food left in the bowl, gently transfer your jellyfish back to the aquarium, taking care to avoid transferring much uneaten food back into the aquarium. If you have fed just the right amount of food, there may be very little uneaten food left in the bowl. It is also important to note that the jellyfish, at no time, should be taken out of the water as this can cause damage to their delicate tissues. As well, be very careful not to introduce air bubbles into the water that can lodge in the jellyfish’s tissue and also cause damage. With this method, you may lose a bit of saltwater from the aquarium each feeding because you leave some behind in the bowl. It is recommended to have some seawater prepared to replace this water at each feeding.


Feeding Dry/Powder Jellyfish Food

Here’s a great video (clear & simple) from Miss Saltwater tank, on how to feed your jellyfish dry/powdered jellyfish food.

Keep in mind that feeding this much food for a few jellies in a small aquarium will require vacuuming out the waste quite regularly.